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More than just a membership

Finding the time to workout and stay fit can be challenging in today's busy world. My hybrid face-to-face and online classes will help you feel fit, healthy and happy in no time!

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Mo Parker, founder of De Ville's Health & Fitness


Whether your preference is for high energy workouts or mindful sessions I am always working towards bringing a workout you will love in a safe and happy environment.

I want you to enjoy your fitness sessions and achieve your fitness goals so I will work with you to help it happen.

Achieving your fitness and wellness goals is never going to be a walk in the park (though that will obviously help!).  Sometimes there may be a sore muscle or two, but the benefits of fitness are worth the challenge. 

In 2024 we are also adding a whole new dimension to our portfolio with a new range of mindfulness and wellness based events and programmes to make sure we are looking after your psychological and social wellness alongside your physical fitness.

Are you ready?

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Atherstone, Warwickshire


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A woman looking out at the sea

I am feeling really good Maureen, you are really Magic! I dread to think what state I would have been in if we had not had you for the last 12 months.


Club members enjoying a coffee together

Lovely morning walk yesterday after the rain stopped with these lovely ladies from our keep fit group. Maureen Parker - thank you so much for organising it for us all. And for so many diverse activities - I now do Pilates, tai chi, walkie talkie and line dancing - as well as a monthly relaxation class. You are truly "Magic Mo".


Mo Parker demonstrating plank position in a class

I just wanted to say again how much I appreciate all the hard work which goes into your Pilates sessions. It has been a hard year and it will be an even harder winter for us all and your sessions certainly give us all a much needed boost.


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